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Chris Nace

Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian: Uber Accident Takes the Autonomous Car Debate to a New Level

The Ride Share Law Group website recently reported that a self-driving Uber vehicle being tested on the roads of Arizona struck and killed a woman. While there was a human driver in the car, the vehicle was in autonomous mode. […]

Chris Nace

Residents Seek Solution as D.C. Area Highway Declared Dangerous by AAA

John Townsend, a spokesman for American Automobile Association (AAA) mid-Atlantic recently declared Indian Head Highway in Prince George County (Maryland Route 210) as one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the Washington D.C. area. He continued by saying […]

Chris Nace

A Senseless Twist on All-Too-Typical Road Rage

On Thursday, March 2nd, a usually quiet, northeast area of our Nation’s capital bore witness to a very unfortunate event. Some have called what transpired an act of road rage and others simply labeled it as a straightforward case of […]

Chris Nace

Why Some Communities Are so Pedestrian-Unfriendly

According to a recently released study by Washington, D.C.-based Smart Growth America—the only national organization dedicated to better developed communities across the U.S.—those who choose to travel on foot could routinely be taking their life into their own hands. The […]

Chris Nace

Thanksgiving Signals the Start of a Month-Long DUI Campaign

For many of us, the traditional four-day weekend that celebrates Thanksgiving in the U.S. brings about more than turkey leftovers, football watching and afternoon naps. It’s also when many states begin a long-running campaign to halt the practice of holiday […]

Chris Nace

Learning a Lesson When It Comes to School Bus Safety

On Tuesday, November 1st, a school bus in Baltimore, Maryland was en route to pick up its first charge of classroom-bound children when it collided with a car, ricocheted off a structural element on the right side of the road […]

Chris Nace

Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise in D.C. Area

All across the D.C. metro area, fatalities of people on foot are up—and there’s every indication that this disturbing trend will continue unless substantial efforts are made by both walkers and drivers alike to change how our roads are shared. […]

David Tompkins

First Serious Winter Weather Causes Numerous Car Wrecks

Icy road in the Washington D.C. area contributed to a number of car accidents this week. Car accidents are not caused by snow, but by inexperienced drivers. People who don’t know how to drive on snow go too fast for conditions and hurt other people and themselves. Insurance companies never find their driver negligent for driving too fast for snowy or icy conditions. Adjusters will always…

David Tompkins

Family to Sue Health Insurer for Fatal Delay in Treatment

While not a typical automobile post, I’d like to draw your attention to this weeks story about a health insurer who denied a liver transpant to a young insured girl. It seems that liver transplants, to the health insurer, is still considered an “experimental” procedure, so they denied coverage for the procedure.The young girls family hired a well known TV lawyer to get some media coverage. …

Shannon Weidemann

Court Rules in Uninsured Motorist Policy Case

A New Jersey Appellate Court ruled that a woman who was injured in a drive by shooting can receive compensation from the Uninsured Motorist portion of her car insurance even though she was just entering her car at the time of the shooting. The insurance company denied her claim originally. But the appellate judges, citing two New Jersey Supreme Court rulings, concluded there is no…