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| Paulson & Nace

Chinese hackers have been implicated again in another cyber attack on US Soil, this time with the United Airlines hack.

The hackers who stole data on tens of millions of U.S. insurance holders and government employees in recent months breached another big target at around the same time — United Airlines.

* * *

It’s increasingly clear, security experts say, that China’s intelligence apparatus is amassing a vast database. Files stolen from the federal personnel office by this one China-based group could allow the hackers to identify Americans who work in defense and intelligence, including those on the payrolls of contractors. U.S. officials believe the group has links to the Chinese government, people familiar with the matter have said.

Chinese hackers have now been implicated in hacking of healthcare information, financial information, the Office of Personnel Management hack, and now United Airlines.  All of this information can be used for purely governmental reasons, or for profit by the Chinese government or isolated groups.

What is increasingly clear – in addition to China’s vast collection of data – is that American companies are ill-prepared to protect vital information that they collect.

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