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| Paulson & Nace

It should be noted that the Plaintiff in this case underwent a double masectomy, painful chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Hormone replacement therapy drugs are still on the market despite the fact that government studies suggest a link between hormone replacement drugs and diseases such as breast cancer.

This week a Philadelphia jury returned a verdict against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals ruling that the hormone replacement drug Prempro caused a 66 year old woman’s breast cancer. The case was litigated by Ken Suggs (former ATLA President) and Robert K. Jenner (former MTLA President). The jury awarded the victim $1 Million Dollars, and her husband $500,000.00. The case is significant because this is the first time a jury has returned a verdict finding that Prempro causes breast cancer. This case is not over yet though.

The second phase of the trial starts next week; and the Prempro jury will be asked to determine if Wyeth Pharmaceuticals negligently failed to warn and otherwise acted improperly. For unknown reasons, the judge bifurcated this personal injury trial. In this second phase of the trial, the jury will consider whether punitive damages should be awarded against Wyeth for its improper conduct. There currently over 5,000 lawsuits filed alleging that the hormone replacement therapy drugs Premarin and Prempro cause injuries and that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals failed to warn doctors and patients of known dangers relating to the drug combination (Prempro). If you or a loved one has breast cancer and took Prempro, call Goldberg & Finnegan, LLC at 301-589-2999 for a free telephone consultation.

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