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We’ve all seen them: "Four Nights in Jamaica!" "Best Stock Tip of the Year!" "Learn About Computers Here!" Billboard advertisements? Nope. TV infomercials? Nope. Junk faxes? You got it.

Many small business owners no the routine: walk into the office, turn the lights on, approach their fax machine and begin sorting the junk from the business. How much time and productivity is lost sorting through this unwanted garbage? How much ink and toner has your business used on this junk?

Did you know that there is something you can do about it?

Many states have instituted laws that regulate these so-called junk faxes. Indiana is finally taking a stand. The Attorney General has decided that Indiana business have been taken advantage of for too long by one company in particular:

"This company would send out blasts of faxes throughout Indiana," Carter said. "People don’t want these faxes. They are a violation of our law, and we brought this legal action to force their compliance."

Junk fax laws, like Indiana’s, are meant to protect the backbone of the American economy, small businesses:

"Every morning when a business has to start out sorting through 30 junk faxes to find that one or two that they are expecting, that is quite a loss in productivity," Carter said. "Plus, the equipment, the toner, the cartridge, the ink, the paper — all of that is expended at a greater rate because of these junk faxes.

"That’s what we’re trying to halt."

If you think that you have been the victim of junk faxes you should contact an attorney or your state’s better business bureau. Chances are you’re a victim of someone violating a law.

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