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According to the FDA a drug used to treat epilepsy, Zonegran, can cause serious heart problems:

Federal health officials warned doctors Monday that a drug used in epilepsy patients can cause chemical imbalances in the blood, leading to heart problems and other serious complications.

More specifically:

The Food and Drug Administration said recent data show patients taking the antiseizure pill Zonegran face higher risk of metabolic acidosis, which causes dangerously high levels of acid to accumulate in the blood. The imbalance can cause breathing difficulties, irregular heart rhythms and fatigue.

It would appear that use of the drug can be dangerous in the short or long term. In the short term, irregular heart rhythms should not be treated lightly. In the long term,

the condition can do long-term damage to the kidneys and bones and slow growth in children

If you or a loved one are currently taking Zonegran, or the generic zonisamide, you should immediately consult your physician and request that certain blood work be monitored consistently.

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