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El Paso Wrongful Death Suit Ends With $21 Million Award

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A jury in El Paso has awarded the family of a stabbing victim $21 Million in a wrongful death lawsuit. The man was killed by another man that was never charged with a crime. He claimed it was an act of self-defense.

“The Juarez family has said from the beginning that it’s not about money. It’s a validation that Jacob Ortiz wrongfully took Hugo’s life,” said David J. Kimmelman, the lawyer for Juarez’s parents, Yvonne and Hector Hugo Juarez Sr.

Kimmelman said the large monetary judgment was likely not collectible because Ortiz does not have money, but the Juarez family hopes the civil court’s decision prompts a second look at the criminal case from the District Attorney’s Office.

The jury did not believe the self-defense claim in finding Ortiz liable. The stabbing happened on January 20, 2004 outside of Irvine High School.