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D.C. Department of Health Exposes Medical Errors

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The District of Columbia Department of Health has published a report finding that 529 "adverse events" occurred in a 12 month period. The report may have been reluctant to title these problems as "malpractice," "negligence," or "mistakes," but semantics is not relevant.

The report found that several possible causes were leading to medical errors, including faulty paperwork and bad equipment. However, it also noted that at least seven people died due to being given either the wrong dose of medicine or the wrong medicine all together.

Despite the prevalence of malpractice in the District of Columbia, it has become more and more difficult for injured parties to be compensated for medical mistakes. This is due to several factors, including tort reform laws and doubting juries.

Hopefully, with the light the Department of Health has shined on this problem, the public at large will realize just how significant and prevalent medical malpractice is in the District of Columbia.