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Dole Improves Testing to Ward of E. Coli Contamination

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The Dole Food Company, a major food and fruit producer, has improved testing to try and prevent breakouts of E. coli and other bacteriums that can cause food-bourne illnesses.

Dole is testing samples from all the products the company markets and if anything harmful is found in the produce, the plants from that area will not make it through the processing chain. Also, the company has introduced a new electronic system that can locate a contaminated product within 30 feet of where it was grown.

Dole’s steps to more closely monitor produce — and to convince consumers it is safe — come as the company hopes to avoid outbreaks such as the one last year, where bagged spinach from Dole and other brands contaminated with E.coli 0157:H7 sickened more than 200 people and killed three.

Eric Shwartz, the president of Dole, stated that many food production companies are trying to improve and come up with new ways to ensure the safety of their products. This can only improve the industry’s reputation, by increasing consumer’s trust and confidence in their food products.

Another spinach recall occurred this week by Merz Fresh in California, which brought up more concerns about food safety. Dole hopes to improve testing and tracking and prevent future outbreaks of E. coli.

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