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Consumers Lose No Matter Who Wins Tonights BCS Championship

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Many of us will be watching the BCS National Championship football game tonight. Or, more precisely, the "2010 Citi BCS National Championship Game." As noted by the Huffington Post this morning:

The winner of the BCS championship game won’t be determined until Thursday night, but the loser’s already decided. It’s us.

Citigroup, which needed about $50 billion of our money to stay in business and has repaid less than half of it, is the proud sponsor of the Big Game. Maybe we should call it the Bailout Bowl or the Tournament of Financial Ruin.

This is just another example of corporate power in America: tax payer dollars being spent for advertising at a football game.

It’s these realizations that are indicative of the fact that the balance of priorities in this country has shifted too heavily onto corporate profits at the expense of the individual. It thus appears that the burden of keeping corporations in check will fall on the citizens of this country, and not on our government.

Our best citizen mechanism for keeping American families on a level playing field with American corporations is our civil justice system and juries. So the next time someone talks about a "runaway jury," remind them that our government seems to be looking the other way as corporations run away with our tax dollars.

1 Comment

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    HOW TRUE but sad – i couldn’t agree with you more – terrific post!