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Matthew Nace

Field Hockey Concussion Suit Will Proceed Against the NCAA, American University, the United States of America and HealthCare Providers

Over the past three years, Jennifer Bradley has learned that the journey to justice through the court system can be long and arduous. During her junior year at American University, Ms. Bradley suffered a concussion during a Division I field […]

Chris Nace

Cars, Cyclists and Pedestrians Make for an Unsafe Mix

Cars should not be the only concern for cyclists and pedestrians—in crowded urban areas, these two non-motorized ways of getting around town could pose an all-too-real risk to each other. Case in point: on March 9th at Franklin Square in […]

Paulson & Nace

Starwood Hotels Announces Latest Data Breach

Starwood Hotels has announced a data breach of its hotel chains which appears to be a “point of sales” malware attack, and it appears personal and sensitive information including credit card numbers has been lost. Based on the investigation, we […]

Paulson & Nace

Personal Health Technologies Invade Your Privacy Rights

Consumers are finding that some of the “health apps” and other technologies that have become so readily available may be lacking the privacy protections consumers are accustomed to.  The Washington Post has a story on the privacy loopholes that these […]

Paulson & Nace

Hotels are Jamming Your Hotspot

The Federal Communications Commission continues to crack down on hotels and convention centers that are blocking Wi-Fi hot spots and forcing consumers onto privately monitored pay networks.  Forbes has compiled a list of recent FCC enforcement actions regarding hot spot blocking: […]

Paulson & Nace

Consumer Watchdog Questions Google Search Engine

It’s become a maxim that you “can’t control what’s on the internet.”  But, why should we accept this in the US when Europe demand and have implemented the “Right to be Forgotten.”  The non-profit organization Consumer Watchdog has written an op-ed […]

Paulson & Nace

Is Windows 10 a Privacy Problem

You have probably heard about Windows 10 since it was first offered free of charge to consumers who already have Windows 7 or 8.  You may have also heard about questionable privacy practices embedded into Windows 10.  Are they a […]

Paulson & Nace

Ashley Madison Fallout Begins

The Ashley Madison hack has been something of a side show in the data breach community because of the supposed “comedy” of cheating spouses being caught.  But it appears there is now some real fallout from the hack.  People who […]

Paulson & Nace

Visionworks Settles Data Security Case with Maryland AG

In 2014, Visionworks, an eye care retailer, misplaced two computer servers that potentially had sensitive personal information.  Bloomberg reports that they have now settled with the Maryland Attorney General over these poor practices: While upgrading to fully encrypted servers at […]

Paulson & Nace

American Airlines and Sabre Suffer Hacks

Data breaches have moved from the financial industry, to the healthcare industry, and in a matter of months hackers seem focused on the travel industry now.  United Airlines announced a data breach that was linked by some to the same […]