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Johnson & Johson May Have Hidden Known Dangers of Ortho Evra

NBC News has obtained an internal letter of resignation of former Johnson & Johson VP Dr. Patrick Caubel indicating that a clash over the birth control medication Ortho Evra led to the doctor’s…

Chris Nace

Will Supreme Court Limit Consumer Protection Laws by Giving a Break to AT&T?

Interesting blog post on the Public Justice website today about a case about to be heard by the Supreme Court. According to Public Justice,

AT&T Mobility (“ATTM”) wants the U.S….

Chris Nace

The BP Oil Spill Disaster, Government Regulation and the Civil Justice System

We keep learning more and more details about the BP Oil Spill disaster and why it didn’t have to happen. In fact, even a BP partner has now come forwarded and blamed BP for reckless decisions….

Chris Nace

Consumers Lose No Matter Who Wins Tonights BCS Championship

Many of us will be watching the BCS National Championship football game tonight. Or, more precisely, the 2010 Citi BCS National Championship Game. As noted by the Huffington Post this…

Chris Nace

Public Justice Announces 2009 Trial Lawyers of the Year

There’s a great organization that I’m a member of called Public Justice. Public Justice is America’s public interest law firm; that is, unlike many public interest legal organizations, Public…

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New Report Shows Malpractice Costs Irrelevant to Health Care Costs

A new report has shown the cost of medical malpractice lawsuits is insignificant to the total cost of health care. As detailed in the report, the total share of malpractice costs was less than 1% of…

Chris Nace

Information Regarding the Washington Metro Accident

As someone who rides the Metro Red Line to and from work most days, today’s crash was a chilling reminder of how vulnerable we are and how no matter how safe we act, some things are out of our…

Paulson & Nace

Raptiva Voluntarily Withdrawn from Market

The FDA issued a statement that Raptiva was being voluntarily withdrawn from the market by its manufacturer Genentech.
Raptiva is a once weekly injection for adults with moderate to severe plaque…

Paulson & Nace

Essential Information Regarding Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are often some of the most devastating injuries a family can encounter. Frequently though, families are confused by the cause of an injury and this may cause them to lose a cause of…

Chris Nace

Plaintiff’s Attorney Plays Prominent Role in Changeling

Last night I watched Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich in Changeling. I didn’t know anything about the movie when I sat down to watch it, other than that a little boy goes missing and the police…