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Chris Nace

Do U.S. Hospitals Make the Grade with Maternity Care?

In an era when individuals are bearing more of, if literally not all, the financial burden for their health care coverage, we are seeing a much more heightened selection process in regards to where these consumers go for medical treatment […]

Chris Nace

Can You Sue a Doctor for Lying? The Truth May Surprise You.

Anyone familiar with the Hippocratic oath understands the undeniable bond between medical care and ethics—ideally, physicians are driven by the desire to help patients, not hurt them. Yet, harm does sometimes occur, and patients have the right to hold such […]

Chris Nace

Why Some Communities Are so Pedestrian-Unfriendly

According to a recently released study by Washington, D.C.-based Smart Growth America—the only national organization dedicated to better developed communities across the U.S.—those who choose to travel on foot could routinely be taking their life into their own hands. The […]

Chris Nace

The Latest Threat to Your Health: Cyber Attacks

Last February, a small Southern California Hospital in a sleepy art deco neighborhood found itself under a full-scale attack that brought all semblances of health care to a standstill. While the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI were sought […]

Chris Nace

An Unhealthy Habit: Using Phone Apps for Medical Advice

According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, there are currently more than 165,000 health apps out there for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. While some are simply either a coach or a convenience—think fitness trackers, runner’s logs or […]

Chris Nace

Is It Safe to Trust Hospital Rating Systems?

Earlier this month the Leapfrog Group, a leading advocate for hospital transparency, released its Fall 2016 safety grades on 2,633 hospitals across the Nation. For some, the results were surprising, as the rankings didn’t necessarily correspond with regions known, or […]

Chris Nace

DirecTV Escapes Liability with Another Binding Arbitration Clause

Mandatory Binding Arbitration Clauses are the latest way for corporate America to avoid having to stand before a jury and have its unfair business practices judged. DirecTV is the latest example of how corporate America skirts liability. As reported by […]

Chris Nace

Here We Go Again: ATRA Publishes its “Judicial Hellhole” Report

The American Tort Reform Association is at it again. They have just come out with their 2010 Judicial Hellhole report. What do you think they mean by hellhole? Well, if by hellhole you mean…

Paulson & Nace

Johnson & Johson May Have Hidden Known Dangers of Ortho Evra

NBC News has obtained an internal letter of resignation of former Johnson & Johson VP Dr. Patrick Caubel indicating that a clash over the birth control medication Ortho Evra led to the doctor’s…

Chris Nace

Will Supreme Court Limit Consumer Protection Laws by Giving a Break to AT&T?

Interesting blog post on the Public Justice website today about a case about to be heard by the Supreme Court. According to Public Justice,

AT&T Mobility (“ATTM”) wants the U.S….