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Chris Nace

Medical Malpractice Caps Under Scrutiny

Last week, Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeal in Charlotte County declared limits on “noneconomic” damages in medical malpractice suits to be unconstitutional. In their decision, the court cited another appeals court case in Broward County that declared such statutory […]

Chris Nace

The 3rd Leading Killer in the U.S. and Why You Haven’t Heard of It.

We’ve all seen the magazine cover lines, those teasers that tempt us while in line at the supermarket—the top health risks and how we can avoid them. Well, unlike some other “Top 10” lists that are based on little more […]

Chris Nace

Doctors, Hospitals Should be Concerned with Patient Safety; Not Capping Damages Awards

An article in the Baltimore Sun last week covered the concerns of doctors and hospitals in Maryland stemming from two recent medical malpractice awards in that state. As I was reading the…

Chris Nace

Consumer Reports Releases Hospital Safety Ratings

Consumer Reports released its first ever report of hospital safety ratings. Stating that Hospitals should be places you go to get better, but too often the opposite happens the consumer rating…

Chris Nace

Medical Malpractice Liability System a Small Portion of Health Care System

During last summer’s debate over health care reform we heard a lot about the need for tort reform and to control the costs associated with medical liability. A recent study appearing in Health…

Paulson & Nace

Gubernatorial Candidate Offers Interesting Plan on Lowering Malpractice Insurance Rates

The debate on tort reform has drawn some distinctive lines in the sand at this point. On one side, big business and insurance companies, along with the American Medical Association, argue that caps…

Chris Nace

Haynesworth's Rhabdomyolysis Often Caused by Medications

The Washington Post reports that Washington Redskin’s defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth is suffering from rhabdomyolysis:

Albert Haynesworth’s ongoing tiff with Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan…

Chris Nace

Insurance Industry Acknowledges Extreme Cost of Medical Errors

The Pop Tort reports today that the insurance industry has finally had to concede a point it has been fighting for some time: medical errors cost the economy and extraordinary amount of…

Matthew Nace

Improper Genetic Testing and Delayed Corrections Lead to Shut Down at Georgetown

In the age of highly sophisticated and technological medical treatment, testing is still only as effective as the competence of those conducting the tests. This weekend Georgetown…

Chris Nace

ABC News Reports Most Doctors Will Face Only One Lawsuit During Career

ABC News reported today that according to the AMA most doctors will face only one medical malpractice lawsuit throughout their entire careers. First, we must consider that

The survey was funded…