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Chris Nace

Learning a Lesson When It Comes to School Bus Safety

On Tuesday, November 1st, a school bus in Baltimore, Maryland was en route to pick up its first charge of classroom-bound children when it collided with a car, ricocheted off a structural element on the right side of the road […]

Chris Nace

One Year After Deadly Metro Accident Safety Record Worsens

The Washington Post has run a terrifying story this morning noting that one year after the Washington Metro’s deadliest accident ever safety reforms have been few and far between:

A year after…

Chris Nace

Washington Metro Accident Didn't Have to Happen

Yesterday I wrote that we would be learning more and more about the Washington Metro accident fairly soon because the NTSB was usually willing to share information quickly following such tragic…

Chris Nace

Metro Train in Accident was Past-Due for Maintenance

As stated in a post earlier today, the NTSB usually gets information out to the public fairly quickly when dealing with accident investigations. Some of that information is in fact starting to come…

Chris Nace

Mayor Fenty Discusses D.C. Red-Line Metro Accident on Today Show

Adrian Fenty, Mayor of Washington, DC, discussed Monday’s Metro Rail accident on the Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning: